When your woof is puddle-proof

Passeggiando sotto la pioggia

Everyone knows that. There’s no bigger joy for a dog than going puddle-scouting. 

Are you all set for it?


After a long rainy day, when there’s a lot of puddles everywhere, your pup can’t wait to go out for your evening walk together. 

Splashing around and lingering in the last sprinkles of rain is probably one of their favourite pastimes. 

It’s not so much fun for you when it’s time to go home, though.

Which is why you should be prepared for the inevitable: having to clean up a real mess! 


Here’s a step by step help guide for dealing with wet dogs:


1. Make sure you dry your wet furry friend as soon as you step inside your home. Having a high-quality towel dedicated exclusively to your pet is often an underrated trick. In fact, most pet owners reuse old and itchy (human) towels for their dogs: not only they will have lost their drying properties, but they will also be extremely uncomfortable on their hair. And we certainly don’t want them to feel neglected, do we?

2. Feed them a snack. After all that running and puddle-chasing, they’ll need to regain some energy. However, you don’t need dribbles all over your house: having a waterproof placemat under your dog’s bowls could be highly strategic: they’ll be free to eat as voraciously as they like, and your floors will be safe from a dripping disaster.

3. Let them nap. Another one of their favourite activities. Since they have the privilege of being allowed to nap much more than we do, equip them (and yourself) with a dog bed that doesn’t get ruined by liquids: there are many water-proof materials that can help you with that: waxed paper (a kind of cellulose fibre that gets a natural waxing treatment), cowhide (have you ever seen a dripping cow?!) or even Casentino wool, which is naturally water-repellent. This way, the same product will match comfort to practicality, and – why not? – design, too. 

4. Give them a bath. Not too often, of course. Dogs are not like us, they don’t need to shower every day. If staying out in the rain makes them smelly, though, it’s ok to give them a nice, relaxing wash. Make sure to use the right products – if possible eco-friendly, to look after the planet’s health as well – and protect yourself from their enthusiastic bath time. Wear a soft, quickly-drying apron and enjoy the pleasure of wrapping them around your arms when it’s over.

5. RELAX. It’s been a busy day, and you’ve just finished taking good care of your furry friend after a long day of work. Time to watch a movie and chill on the sofa. 

…Guess who’s going to join you on it? ;)