When in doubt, go natural!

Quando sei in dubbio, punta sul verde!

Natural fabrics that are as practical as they are becoming

Forget worrying about messy stains or cheap, disposable pet accessories: sometimes you can find the right answer amongst nature’s own creation.

Let’s talk about two of such materials in particular.

Hey, jute! 

Derived from a plant called Corchorus (don’t worry, we had never heard of it, either!), jute has increasingly become a decor-lovers’ favourite when it comes to rugs, upholstery and home accessories.

Actually, the greatest thing about jute is that it’s extremely easy to vacuum as well as to clean, simply with gentle soap and water. And we all know how these qualities come in handy when you have dogs.

Not to mention that it’s super eco-friendly, being both recyclable and biodegradable.

And if you think that jute can only be used for a more “coastal” design (its natural brownish shade does indeed make it perfect for beach houses), remember that you can find it in many different colours, thanks to the most natural (and traditional) dyeing techniques (also derived from plants).

Cotton on to it!

The only vegetable fibre that is more widely cultivated than jute is cotton, which is also dyed naturally most times.

A resistant fabric that withstands years and years of wear and tear, cotton is by far one the best options to choose from when producing (and buying) dog products.

Easy to clean – in fact, it’s machine washable – and preserve, its affordable price that doesn’t rule out great quality.

Mostly known for its breathable and soft texture, cotton is used in clothing just as much as in interior design: this is due to its versatile employment, which can complement a vast range of styles, from contemporary to traditional, from rustic to industrial.

Let’s not forget that choosing natural materials for your pup doesn’t only mean reducing your impact on the environment: it’s also a sustainable decision that will benefit first and foremost your dog’s health.

In fact, just as it is very uncomfortable for humans to wear synthetic fabrics, dogs can certainly appreciate the softness and naturalness of these fibres.

After all, who can value the incredible gifts of nature more than man’s best friends?!