2.8 Design for Dogs was founded in 2016 by Anna Bussolotto, a portrait photographer, driven by the search for beautiful and functional items to dedicate to her beloved dachshunds, Quintale and Hermione, as well as the sophisticated spaces of her own home. Inspired by the world of photography, 2.8 refers to an aperture setting: a parameter that allows
focusing on specific subjects.

In this case, it's about the well-being of the animal combined with the pleasure of the owner. Each of our products is dedicated to a great photographer: Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Steve McCurry, and many other great artists who have captured the essence of nature and humanity.

2.8 was born to offer dog lovers a range of everyday products characterized by an elegant design and intrinsic practicality and ease of maintenance.

For 2.8 Design For Dogs, respect for the material, those who produce it, and those who use it translates into respect for the

Love Without Boundaries:

We believe that dogs are an integral part of our families. Our brand celebrates the love, care, and affection we have for our four-legged companions. They hold a special place in our lives and deserve the utmost respect and love. Challenging the conventional way of thinking about dog accessories, we make them beautiful and enriching for both us and them.

Italian Elegance:

Our brand draws from Italy's rich heritage of universal beauty. Every detail of our design is carefully crafted to reflect Italian refinement, elegance, and the art of living.

Aesthetic Vision:

Each creation is the result of an educated eye for beauty ("the eye sees what it knows"), by Anna Bussolotto, an Italian fashion and portrait photographer. Ours is a timeless design with simple forms and coordinated colors that evoke nature.

Our aesthetically pleasing products evoke the feeling of effortless elegance in color, proportions, and tactile sensations.
Our dog beds, blankets, and food bowls are all designed to harmoniously fit into an elegant interior design.
Our bags, collars, and leashes are designed to complement you and your dog's look.

Excellent Italian Craftsmanship

We are committed to preserving the Italian craftsmanship tradition. We only collaborate with Italian workshops where skilled artisans dedicate time, care, and mastery to create superior quality products for our animal friends. Their meticulous work and dedication are reflected in every detail, ensuring unmatched quality and durability. We value a manual culture that has centuries of history, preserved in specialized districts and cultivated in selected production areas in Italy.

Fine Materials:

We carefully source and use only high-quality materials, often locally produced, to guarantee maximum comfort, durability, and style to our products.
We select natural and sustainable materials that provide the utmost well-being for your dog while seamlessly fitting into the daily aesthetics we share with them.

Continuous Innovation:

We are constantly seeking new ideas and solutions to improve life with our animals. We differentiate sizes, padding, finishes, and consult with experts from various fields to develop products that meet the needs of specific breeds and their human families.

Responsible Sustainability:

We are committed to protecting the environment and animals. We use leather, fabrics, and ceramics from sustainable sources and adopt production practices that respect the ecosystem. We dedicate specific lines to maximum sustainability, using alternative and innovative materials.
Our philosophy is based on awareness and responsibility toward our first home, our planet.


From the very beginning, the purpose of 2.8 Design for Dogs has been to strengthen and simplify the unbreakable bond between dogs and humans. Two friends, one soul: this is the spirit that guides our philosophy and creations, in the name of the boundless loyalty that our most faithful friends give us every day. A connection that goes beyond words and finds its place in our hearts and everlasting, precious emotions.

With this concept of friendship and devotion to inspire us, 2.8 is committed to making the sharing of our lives with our beloved dogs even deeper.

GREENIE LINE - Vegan Friendly

To align with our values of sustainability, ethics, and harmony with nature, we have created Greenie, a line of animal-free accessories. In this new collection, we have replaced leather details with more sustainable, animal-friendly alternatives in some of our best-selling articles. In keeping with our tradition, the new products are completely handcrafted and their quality comes to life through skilled Italian craftsmanship. This is just a small first step towards even deeper sustainable growth for our business, ensuring quality and happiness for all animals.