Finding the perfect size can be challenging, but we're here to help every step of the way. If you're unsure after measuring your dog's neck or chest, please don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form.

Our team is ready to assist you!


To ensure accurate sizing, please measure your dog's neck using a measuring tape, focusing on the area where your dog typically wears the collar.

We offer 6 different sizes, each with varying diameters tailored to accommodate different needs, ranging from smaller sizes for small dogs to wider sizes for larger dogs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Collar Size Neck measurements (cm) Neck measurements (inches)
x-small 26-31 cm 10,2 -12,2''
small 30-36 cm 11,8 -14,17"
medium 35-41 cm 13,7 - 16,1''
medium/large 37-45 cm 14,5 - 17,7"
large 42-50 cm 16,5 - 19,6"
x-large 47-55 cm 18,5 - 21,6″


Taking the correct measurement for the harness can be a bit tricky. Ensure that you measure the dog's chest accurately.

If you're uncertain, you can always send us a picture for assistance. Otherwise, feel free to continue shopping below!

Harnesses size Chest measurements (cm) Chest measurements (inches)
x-small 31-33 cm 12.2-13.0"
small 35-39 cm 13.8-15.4"
medium 37-41 cm 14.6-16.1"
medium/large 38-43 cm 15.0-16.9"
large 48-54 cm 18.9-21.3"
x-large 49-58 cm 19.3-22.8"

Collare per Levrieri

Misurare attentamente il collo. Assicurandosi che la misura scelta dia la possibilità di aggiuntare la grandezza.

Taglia Collare Misura collo (cm) Misura Collo (inches)
xx-small 22-27 cm 9-10,6"
x-small 25-31 cm 10,2-12,2"
small 30-36 cm 11,8-14,1"
medium 35-41 cm 13,7-16,1"
medium/large 37-45 cm 14,5-17,7"
large 41-49 cm 16,5-19"

Beds and Cushions

We cover a wide range of sizes and different materials. Discover below which size is suitable for your dog! Our collections include:

- Henri Dog Bed

- Fulvio Cushion

- Yousuf Cushion

- Richard Mat