Cardato di Prato: old fabric, new tricks

Cardato di Prato: tessuto vecchio, vita nuova

There’s a new fabric in town. Well, not really.


Recycling all sorts of products and materials has become one of the great forward-thinking solutions both companies and institutions have been implementing to reduce their carbon footprint and their overall impact on the environment.

Therefore, many companies and manufacturers in the pet industry – a fast-speed growing business on its own - are also turning to the best-performing and eco-friendly materials to ensure the highest quality for their final canine clients as well as to contribute for a more sustainable, greener world. 


A notable instance in this sense is recycled wool

We all know the great qualities of wool: traditional yet versatile, always trendy, comfy and warm. It’s one of the most ancient and widespread textiles in human history. 

However, not many people may know what recycled – or should we say regenerated – wool is.

Let’s talk numbers: made of 85% recycled material, 2.8’s regenerated wool is actually an even more special textile because of its unique creation process: produced exclusively in Prato, Tuscany, the entirely local manufacturing cycle saves up to 450.000 cubic metres of water each year.

It also saves an amount of carbon dioxide corresponding to the average annual mileage of 8.320 cars (which is basically the equivalent of 166 million kilometres!).

And if all of this isn’t enough to impress you, keep in mind that the entire manufacturing process only employs renewable energy and eco-friendly chemical products.

This is why Cardato Recycled Made in Prato earned a special certification from the European Union and is today a beacon of inspiration for many designers and artisans.

Which brings us back to where we started: dog beds, cushions and accessories are now being realised with this unique textile, and not just because it’s eco-friendly. 

Its feel and look are very trendy and becoming, as well as perfect to keep your dogs soft and warm in the colder months.

Think about this: by making your pup a great present which complements your home interiors, you can also give your own little contribution to make the world a healthier, greener place.