Weekender: the ultimate travel bag

Weekender: l'ultima frontiera del borsone da viaggio

2.8’s collection of prestigious handmade products has gone beyond our love for pets: creating a line of articles meant for people (who don’t necessarily own a dog) was the natural step forward.


Our aspirations to forge a lifestyle brand that embraces quality, design and sustainability have brought us to launch a new product within the beloved Margaret collection.


The Weekender is a travel bag made of organic cotton, a 100% cotton textile that comes from organic agriculture only. It presents a grainy texture that blends its natural softness with the rustic allure of a more robust material.


Created for your globe-trotting weekends – hopefully in the company of your beloved

dog – the Weekender is big enough to fit all you need for a quick (yet sophisticated) getaway.


The bag is available in two signature colors of the Margaret collection in organic cotton: pebble and chocolate.


The top can be closed through a metal zipper for more secure carriage.

The inner lining is in blue cotton and features a practical pocket with a zipper and a snap-hook for your belongings.


With this latest addition, 2.8 takes its first step into a new concept of brand awareness: by reaching out to new customers, and thus a larger audience, we are beginning to build a wider spectrum of styles, goals and demands. 

The common threads remain the same, though: the highest quality, most sustainable production and – last but not least – the most refined design.