Mimmo, an elegant play garden.

Mimmo, un elegante giardino di giochi.

Immersed in the splendid Venetian countryside, in the heart of an oasis of natural beauty, a unique and refined collection of dog toys is born: Mimmo. This collection of fabric toys for our four-legged friends represents a perfect combination of aesthetics and sustainability.

Each game in the collection is made using fabric scraps derived from other processes of our renowned brand. By doing this, we not only ensure that each product is made with care and attention to detail, but we also help reduce waste and support the environment.

Inspired by the magnificent garden that surrounds the 2.8 headquarters, three leaves, Magnolia, Fig and Maple, come to life in precious Italian fabrics. Each leaf is a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, handmade with skill and passion.

But that's not all: inside each leaf there is a quick sound, designed to stimulate the dog to play. Every bite from our four-legged friend is accompanied by a nice sound that will invite the dog to continue playing.

The leaves from the 2.8 Design for Dogs collection are not just toys for our faithful companions, but real furnishing accessories. Their elegance and sophisticated design make them true objects of beauty, which enrich any environment in which they are placed.

In addition to their timeless aesthetic, these leaves represent a tribute to Italy, its artisan tradition and love for animals. Proud of our cultural heritage, we are proud to say that every leaf in the collection is handmade, in our country, with passion and dedication.

MIMMO is much more than a simple collection of dog toys. It is a testament to a commitment to sustainability, elegance and love for our four-legged friends. Welcome these leaves into your world and give your dog a unique and refined gaming experience, without giving up the beauty and harmony of your space.