Chocolate, mon amour!

Chocolate, mon amour!

Our resolutions for 2022 are many, but expanding our collection of dog beds, dog pillows and dog accessories with new models and choices is always at the top of the list.

One of our most recent discoveries in the field of sustainable materials is organic cotton, a textile that is composed of 100% cotton fibers coming from organic agriculture only.

The grainy texture of this fabric is a great example of the rustic elegance and inherent practicality we try to encompass with every single creation.


This new color will join pebble and graphite to create the perfect understated palette of warm nuances. 2.8’s Henri dog bed, Elliott dog pillow and Margaret dog carrier will feature chocolate in all their sizes.

Like all the other shades, chocolate is dyed naturally and redefines the concept of sustainability and Italian craftsmanship, with a keen eye on eco-friendliness.

During the holidays we were inspired to find a color that would reflect the sweetness of our Christmas mood (not to mention our Christmas meals!) and how we could enhance our home interiors and the special spots we dedicate to our dogs and – eventually – ourselves.