Handmade in Italy, of course!

Fatto a mano in Italia, naturalmente!

Giving your dogs what they deserve: the best.

Taking care of our beloved puppies comes with many tasks. Feeding them, walking them, washing them and looking after their hygiene and health, and of course the most important thing: cuddles!

But there’s one aspect that gets often overlooked: the quality of their equipment.

Truth is, pet owners frequently buy dog accessories that aren’t particularly top notch in terms of materials or performance. They might look cute and trendy to us, but more often than not they can be made of poor materials that aren’t resistant nor eco-friendly.

And just like when it comes to choosing a new sofa for your living room, or a new set of dishes for special occasions, selecting dog beds, bags or accessories should mean looking for premium quality and long-lasting materials that will respect your dog’s needs and health as well as your taste for home décor.

One step in the right direction could be picking products that are certified, guaranteed and sustainable. A lot of brands and manufacturers are now embarking on greener approaches that have a lower impact on the environment as well as higher levels of performance and resistance.

Made in Italy is a synonym for top quality and high standards. Whether it’s fashion, interior design, luxury products or even food, our long-standing traditions of craftsmanship, design and creativity have shaped the way each item is developed and produced.

2.8 design for dogs has chosen to employ this living legacy to manufacture each article in its collections. An amazing team of experienced artisans in the heart of Tuscany devote their talent and knowledge to make dog beds, cushions, bags and accessories that are primarily designed to satisfy its final clients: dogs!

Handmade production also means uniqueness of the product: every item is one of a kind, with its own features and attributes. Just like a tailor-made suit, 2.8’s dog beds are designed and then brought to life after a long process of careful and meticulous operations: dying and sewing fabrics, stitching the pieces together, applying the leather handles. Each seam carries the history of Italian craftsmanship and every item is the result of hours of work and research.

You can see the difference. Your dogs can feel it.

Cheap cotton for their bed or itchy wool for their trusted blanket translates into their discomfort as well as poor manufacturing turns into short life of the product itself.

Investing in a high-quality dog product means ensuring your pet’s well-being and – at the same time – granting yourself a beautiful object that will decorate your spaces and make them even cosier for your furry friends!