Their own special spot

Il loro angolino preferito

Sure, a lot of dogs can curl up and sleep basically anywhere. They can stretch on the floor, yawn profoundly a couple of times, and have their 12-hour daily nap.

However, having them sleep on the floor may not be the best idea – and sometimes, neither is letting them sleep on your own bed.

(speaking of, what do you think about that? On mommy and daddy’s bed, or each one on their own?)

Each dog needs its own bed, just like us.

Its own place

There are some reasons for you to prefer your furry friend having its own cosy bed.

Here’s a few:

1. A dog bed is where your pet feels like the master of its own world. It’s where they can escape to mind their own business. Besides, giving them a cosy and fluffy spot will make them avoid a fine sofa or a precious rug – they may get ruined – or even your own bed.

2. Their health. Sleeping on the floor may, in the long term, cause them some discomfort, especially in their articulations. If your dog is getting older, make its bed as comfy as possible. The best dog beds in the market are manufactured with hypoallergenic and easily washable materials, in order to keep their hygienic level high at all times. One example? Henri, 2.8’s dog bed: completely removable, so practical it takes only a minute to unzip it – have you seen the tutorial? – and put it in the washing machine.

3. Cleanliness: as much as you can vacuum, your home’s floors will never be completely aseptic. Having its own bed will help your dog stay cleaner. And what if any trace of mud finds its way onto it (perhaps by following its paws after an especially intense patrol in the garden)? No worries: let’s just go back talking about unzipping the slipcover, as mentioned in the previous point.

All you need to do – in order for them to use it and feel perfectly comfortable on it – is selecting the bed very carefully, to make sure it’s the perfect one.

Of course, size is the first step. Then comes the material, since both the filling and the slipcover will determine how much a dog bed is soft, comfy, warm in winter and pleasantly fresh in summer.

Enjoy your shopping!