Discover our new collection of collars & leashes!

É arrivata la nostra nuova collezione di collari e guinzagli!

A project of long research which finally came to life when all the ingredients were blended in a single product that encompasses all the signature traits of the brand.


First and foremost, the product’s own origin: braided leather has always been one of the many excellences of Tuscan craftsmanship. Widely used in fashion and furniture, 2.8’s choice can also be found in the equestrian world, whose accessories have profoundly inspired the collection of collars and leashes.  


And just like its braided version, the raw material itself carries great personality and Tuscan legacy: Nappa leather. Chosen for its softness and texture, as well as for the vegetal tanning it undergoes.

The material’s own tactility must feel delicate on both the hand of the owner as well as the dog’s neck: that’s why 2.8 selected Nappa over the tightness of leather.

And since we are talking about gratification of the senses, vegetal tanning endows this material with yet another strength: a unique scent that speaks about craftsmanship, research and resistance.

Utmost respect and care for the animal’s well-being can be found in the round shape of the collars, designed to be gentle on the dog’s hair, making the fit much more comfortable.

Another detail that has long been researched is the collection’s hardware, in matte rose metal that conveys a sense of lightness which fits the style of the products (and the brand’s).

Highly important for the brand is the chromatic range, another reference to the production’s birthplace. The colours of the landscape and its natural beauty have inspired the choice of earthy and dusty shades, perfectly matching the other products in the collection.

The same nuances are also proposed in the leashes Mario, in flat and smooth Nappa leather: a more technical yet always metropolitan choice for those who wish to use training leashes.