Autentiche Storie Italiane

Autentiche Storie Italiane

A series of videos celebrating the national territory’s cities, landscapes and environments that have profoundly inspired all the collections of the proudly-all-Italian brand.

Made not just of traditions and artisanal legacy, the true weft of the context where 2.8 was born and has grown up into is composed of an intrinsic beauty that couldn’t help but influence the aesthetics (and manufacturing) of each product.

We begin with warm Palermo, where a glimpse of the end of summer welcomes and bewitches all senses. A city whose very own shades of colour are lighted up by the sun, giving life to a texture of warm, dusty nuances with a taste of Spain and Morocco.

The same shades are replicated and echoed in 2.8’s chromatic choices, whose style has always preferred the beauty of warm and neutral – but still very charismatic – colours to the shiny exuberances of most other brands in the pet industry.

But Palermo is so much more than just a slick postcard for tourists: a vibrant city full of life, it thoroughly expresses the metropolitan and cosmopolitan soul that differentiates all the fans of 2.8 design for dogs: dogs and dog owners that enjoy experiencing their daily life together, without giving up on style nor the practicality of walking accessories.

Like the Ferdinando collection of collars and leashes, made of soft, braided nappa leather and conjugated in four shades that recall the colours (and flavours) of both Sicily and Italy. 

This string of short stories also pays tribute to another essential component of the company: the more strictly visual aspect of the collections, which revolve around visual art and particularly photography.

Founded by a professional photographer, the brand has made of its image a stronghold against the too present repetitiveness of the pet industry as well as against the typical stereotypes of what ‘Made in Italy’ means.