2.8’s new greenie line: animal-free accessories for your dogs

La nuova linea greenie: accessori animal-free per i vostri cani

Spring and summer are known to be seasons of rebirth: after a dreary winter, the sun finally starts to shine until late, the air is filled with the birds’ singing and our lives are coloured with greenery and the scent of flowers.

2.8 has also given birth to new perspectives this year, with more mature ideas and a renewed sensitivity to nature. This is why, after microfibre leashes and collars, we have expanded our catalogue with other products from the greenie line, replacing the leather details of some accessories and bags with more sustainable, animal-friendly alternatives. 

On our Dorothea bag, available in havana, grey, silver, black and waxed black, we had already decided some time ago to replace the leather handles with super-resistant cotton handles; from now on, the Dorothea will feature a faux leather logo, and the small inner leash in nylon, making the product completely animal-free.

The same applies to Herb travel mats in black or silver waxed paper, Oliviero poop-bags holders and Tina placemats.

All of this is just a first small step towards an even deeper sustainable growth for our business, to guarantee quality and happiness to your dogs and to you, but also to all other animals in the environment.