Animal-free collars and leashes: one more step towards harmony with nature

Collari e guinzagli green: un passo in più verso l’armonia con la natura

2.8 design for dogs has recently immersed itself in the Venetian countryside, to rediscover the tranquillity of the contact with nature. This bucolic environment is infusing us with a lot of new energy, leading us to be even more aware of our choices. That is why we have decided to create the first line of 100% animal-free products.

To get closer to our values of sustainability, ethics and harmony with nature, we have implemented a line of animal-free accessories, with a fabric that feels just like suede, without being animal-derived.

This special Italian microfibre is 100% recyclable, water-repellent, stain-resistant, ultra-durable, and can count on the highest Oeko-Tex certification for its eco-friendliness and absence of harmful substances.

By adding faux leather to the mix, we have decided to expand our collection of Ferdinando collars and leashes, featuring the elegant style of braided fabric, velvety to the touch, embellished by the brilliance of silver metal hardware. In keeping with our tradition, the new products are completely handcrafted and their quality comes to life through skilled Tuscan craftsmanship.

The new line of collars will be available in six sizes to suit all kinds of dogs and, like the leashes, will come in a selection of four colours inspired by the contact between man and nature: nude, slate, cedar and musk.

With the arrival of summer, going out becomes easier and more pleasant, and being in contact with one's roots is becoming more and more necessary: humans and dogs have legs and paws, and are therefore made for walking. So, now more than ever, having a sustainable, animal-free set of leash and collar to walk with our dogs becomes a great direction to take.