Travelling with Fido - A complete guide to everything you need to travel with your furry friend

In viaggio con Fido

Never mind daily recognitions around the block, Sunday strolls in the city centre or evening walks before the sun comes down.

Have you already planned your next holiday? Will you take your pup with you?

Great! Check out our list to make sure you’ve taken all the essential accessories to travel with your dog.


Travelling with a dog: what to bring

There aren’t many essential accessories you need to remember when preparing for a trip alongside your dog. Let’s start from the ‘official’ and technical part.

Traveling with your dog

1. Always carry a copy of the dog’s vaccinations certification. For any emergency, you’ll have all the info at hand. You’ll also need it to enter those countries requiring specific prophylaxis, or to arrange your furry friend’s accommodation when, for example, you won’t be able to bring it with you on a no-dogs-allowed excursion.

2. Collar and leash. Even if you’re simply taking it out of the car for a pee. A new territory holds lots of new smells, difficult to resist for a curious dog! You may not even have the time to say “stay!”. And don’t ever forget poop bags.

3. Its tag. Fundamental, needless to say. Even better if your mobile phone’s on it.

4. A small first aid kit. You can buy it ready to go or make your own. The essentials? Tweezers to remove ticks and thorns, disinfectant, saline solution to clean wounds, round point scissors, antibacterial wash, balms – for wounds and inflammation.

5. Food and water. Make sure to bring its favourite food, to avoid stressing its stomach with the thousands of delicacies – as good as they will be! – on the way. If you’re travelling by car, keep lots of water in the boot.

6. A sheet. To protect seats and similar from its muddy paws… it’s always better not to leave any trace!

7. If you’re travelling by car, make sure you’re informed about travelling safely with a canine passenger. In some countries, seatbelts are mandatory for dogs, too.

And now… let’s talk about travelling comfort!

8. Its travel mat. You can’t let it sleep on the guest bed, can you? Maybe your dog can settle for the first cosy corner it finds… but giving it its own bed even in the most improbable spots means granting it the best of sleeps. Which will ensure that the next day your dog will be active, curious and looking for adventures! (Did you know that a dog’s sleep is a very delicate topic? We'll write about dogs' sleep very soon).

9. A dog carrier. You have a puppy or a small dog? No worries! There’s a wide choice of dog bags. This way, you will be able to walk around – we all know how it is in the big city, especially in the shopping districts – without making it tired.

10. A blanket. For all those moments spent waiting, for chilly draughts in cold airports… or simply to make it warm and cosy everywhere you are, never forget its trusted blankie at home.

A few last recommendations for travelling dogs!

Naturally, this list for travelling dogs could go on and on: it depends on how you’re used to travel!

Just remember to check your hotel reservation – but of course you’ll have already picked a dog-friendly facility – pack your luggage in the car… and go!


If on the other hand you’ve planned your trip without your dog and you’re thinking of leaving it at your parents’… change your mind!

Bring it with you, you’ll make it happy… and after all, it doesn’t take too much of an effort. This list of essentials when travelling with your dog will surely help you!